Investellect Review & Tron ReddCoin Price Prediction

There are numbers of various investment communities available in the cryptocurrency world. Today, we’ll be reviewing about a thought-provoking high yield investment program called Investellect.

On the very first look at this investing community, you can notice its clean and professional design. Yeah! You are right, it is not a new program but they have been running for more than 988 days with 72068+ members successfully.

Practically all the HYIP programs operate in the same aspect, so let’s see how Tron Coin is going to be contradicting from other. – Website is the leading one among the other legit programs and paying good interest.

Why to Go for Redd Coin ?

We currently recommend our users to sign up with and you can ready complete analysis here.

ReddCoin Forecast

Reddcoin is the standard and long-term investment program in the market, which focuses on Forex market and Cryptocurrency sectors. It is the good alternative for money investment that mainly involved in mining and trading of Bitcoins.

Here are Some Facts about Investellect Program

  • Tron Coin Value is a trusted online investment market, where you can invest money to earn a high daily profit
  • This program has been running since March 18, 2018
  • At the moment, there are 6 investment opportunities to earn profits
  • Pays high ROI about 1.2% daily to 1700% after 120 days
  • Min deposit amount is $10 and maximum is $50,000
  • The minimum amount of withdrawal via Bitcoin is $5
  • Invested capital amount will be back or include in profits, which will depend on plan
  • Profits depend on business as well as calendar days
  • The withdrawal request time takes up to 48 hours
  • They do not charge any fees
  • It has McAfee protection and Comodo SSL certificate, where all your private data will keep secure
  • The domain has been hosted on dedicated server to minimize the possibility of being hacked
  • Referral affiliate commission for all members is 10% – 3% – 2% – 1%
  • Any person and company can invest their funds from any country
  • Payment systems Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Payza and AdvCash

Now, let’s see a little bit about the program investment plans, facts, and other specification terms.

Assorted Investment Opportunities

There are 6 investment plans are offering by, which has been accepting a minimum investment amount of $10 only and maximum of $50,000 USD.

Plan Name Profit Interest Duration Bonus Amount Spend Principal
Standard Daily pays 1.2% Daily for 60 Calendar Days 10% $10 and $6000 Back
Professional Daily pays 1.4% Daily for 120 Calendar Days 15% $800 and $50000 Back
Intelligent Accumulation 1 pays 600% after 60 Business Days 20% $2000 to $30000 Included
Intelligent Accumulation 2 pays 1700% after 120 Business Days 25% $200 and $25000 Included
VIP pays 320% after 18 Business Days 10% $10000 and $50000 Included
VIP+ pays 960% after 38 Business Days 15% $5000 and $30000 Included
Our Investment & Price Projection

We have invested in 3 plans with this program reddcoin price predictions, where the company has pays what they are promised.

  1. First, we have invested our $100 for 60 days, it pays 1.2% daily that means $1.2 daily. At the end of the 6o days our investment profit is $72 and after 60 days they pay back out capital investment amount of $100. So, total profit + investment in our hand after 60 days is $172.
  2.  Then, we have deposited about $500, they pay 1700% of interest after 120 calendar days. Our net total return is $8500, where the capital will be included in the profit itself.  Again it is extremely high profit only.
  3.  Finally, we planned to invest our fund in VIP+ plan, in which we have deposited the min amount of $5000. The company pays out the profit + capital amount about $48000 as a total profit after 38 days by means of 960% interest.

  • Plan 1: 1.2% daily for 60 days, principal back
  • Plan 2: 1.4% daily for 120 days, principal back
  • Plan 3: 600% after 60 days, principal included in profit
  • Plan 4: 1700% after 120 days, principal included in profit
  • Plan 5: 320% after 18 days, principal included in profit
  • Plan 6: 960% after 38 days, principal included in profit

Accepted Deposit/Payment Processors

The company allows its investors to deposit or withdraw from their account via secure payment methods like Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Advcash and Payza. Moreover, it is the only HYIP programs that accept deposits through both visa and master cards.

This will leads to reach many investors and makes it easy for them to invest or withdraw from the program.

There is no restriction in order to withdraw your profit for your investment and the processing time of withdrawal will take up to 48 hours only.

Reddcoin is worth to try than Tron which is proved to be recent scam. For more paying hyip monitors update.

Is there any risk your investment?

Of course, there is no HYIP program that has no risk. So, there is a risk involved in all investment projects. Still, there are some factors, which can help you to scale down the exposure of losing:

  • Never deposit more than what you can ready to lose
  • Try to keep our investment amount for a short-term
How to invest and earn high interest?

Step 1: Register & open a free account, which will not take much time

Step 2: Log into TronCoin account and select an appropriate plan to deposit funds

Step 3: Start earning profits of your deposit, where all accruals of profits are done automatically

Step 4: You can withdraw your interest once profit is accrued on your account balance

More Profit with its Referral Program

Here, it has a fairly decent affiliate rewards program that provides even more earning at 4 levels. The company has been giving a possibility for all members to raise up to 12% and up to 15% for its representatives.

Levels  For Representatives For All Members
Level 1 10% 13%
Level 2 3% 3%
Level 3 2% 2%
Level 4 1% 1%
What are the costs of joining 2018?

There is no joining fee at all for this HYIP program. Anyone above 18 years can sign up and join this program, which is 100% free only.

However, to make real money on online, you have to deposit the minimum amount of $10 and earn your profits respectively. At the same time, you can withdraw your released investment amount at any time or you can use it for reinvestment process.

Is redd coin worth than Tron?

As we said earlier, not all the HYIP programs are 100% safe to invest or 100% scam. You have to be very clear about one thing, you never deposit into any online investment community with the fund that you are not ready to lose.

Therefore, this program is really good one, which has many investment plans that anyone can easily afford it. Hope it is a low risk of investing cryptocurrency investment community. Again and again, we are remembering you to deposit an amount you can risk and not just to yield high profits.

Coming to the point, is the well-organized HYIP investment platform with sustainable investment opportunities. This program is high potential for any term of investment. Who knows, you may be among the lucky investors who will get more benefits on investing.


–> Who is behind Investellect?

The domain name was registered on December 23, 2016 and its whois has high privacy protection by WhoisGuard Inc. So, we really don’t know who is behind the domain name. The registration will expire on December 23, 2018, and its recently updated on March 14, 2017.

–> What is the Minimum & Maximum amount to invest?

Presently, they have accepts the minimum deposit amount of $10 USD and maximum up to $50,000 USD allowed for a single deposit. It will also depend on your investment plan, where you can able to check in the portal main page itself.

–> Is there any charge fee?

No, they do not charge any fees for all transaction, but for payment processors they may charge you with receiving fees.

–> Are they making money by trading and investing?

Big no, because there is no proof to show that they are making the profit at all

–> How can I get my referral commission?

It will be directly accrued to your investellect account balance instantly. The bonus can be withdrawn in the e-currency that is used to make a deposit.

–> Do they pay exactly as per its promises?

Yes, investellect actually pays out correctly as per the investment plan.  Moreover, the return on investment is higher than what you expect.

Now, that you have known the several benefits of cryptocurrency investment platform. So deposit your financial ability and be responsible for your investment, we are not responsible for it. We are also just one of the investors.